Yoga Teacher Training
2 new options

Yoga Training is simple to learn,
easy to share and fun to practice. 

It helps EVERYONE feel better on some level. 


YOU could be the reason someone finds the
peace of mind and relief they’ve been searching for.


Come explore Breathwork, Flow States, Nervous systems, Postures,
Alignment, Chakras, 
Relaxation, Meditation and more.  

You’ll leave training with your yoga manual, your personal mantra,
our signature LoveStrong Flow and a community of
yoga enthusiasts to practice with. 


If you’re reading this… it’s calling YOU.



 OPTION 1: Workshop Weekends

Sessions 1-4 $2850.00 

(early registration savings and flexible payment plans available)



The 8 limbs review, Sanskrit and Asana
Breathwork, Sun Salutations & 


SESSION 2: MARCH 23 & 24
Asana (postures), Alignment and Anatomy
Balance, Focus & Flow


SESSION 3: APRIL 13 & 14

 Expression, Release & Relaxation
Stress, tension and the mind body connection


SESSION 4: APRIL 27 & 28

Meditation & Connection
Pratyhara, Dharana & Dhyana


OPTION 2: Full Certification Training:
Sessions 1-8 $3950

(early registration savings and flexible payment plans available)


SESSION 5: MAY 11 & 12

Teaching Practice:
Asana, Alignment, Anatomy Specifics
Sequencing Transitions & Cueing

SESSION 6: MAY 18 & 19
Teaching Practice:
Modifications & Variations, Finding the Edge
Release, Relax and Retrain for RESILIENCE

Teaching Practice & Specialty Classes:
(for kids, for anxiety, for prenatal)

Teaching Practice Reviews


Workshop Immersions - 4 weekends

Want to learn but not sure if you want to be a certified teacher… you can take this training to deepen your own personal practice without the pressure of certification requirements. (attendance, homework, teaching practice and exam). IF you choose to complete the homework and all requirements, you will have the option to upgrade to the 200 hour, take the exam and become certified if you choose. Completely optional.


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Payment PlanS

200 Hour Certified Vinyasa Flow Training. 8 weekends

The 200 hour training Includes all weekend immersions, homework assignments, practice classes and full participation. 
Payment in Full includes all your studio classes during training. 
Payment Plans require a monthly training pass at $88/mo.


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Payment PlanS

300 Hour Advanced Studies (200 hour certification required)

Advanced training is for teachers to expand their knowledge, skills & opportunities to share yoga in multiple formats. ($500 off if you attended our 200 hour program).

Begin by mentoring in our 200 hour program. Add your voice, your perspective, ask questions, answer questions. Your feedback helps everyone. 

Then choose a specific focus to create your own signature style or workshop. 

This is where your practice takes on a life of it’s own. 

You get to add your voice to the trainings, share your messages and create your own classes, workshops and online offerings based on your chose focus. 

Leave this training with a signature class, workshop or project of your own. 

Past projects include:  Yoga for Anxiety, The Myths of Asana, Aging Gracefully with Yoga; Yoga for Back Pain, Sunday Karma Classes.


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Payment Plans